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How Dogs Learn - Click here to read an excellent article from "Open Paws".  MDC follows these training principles - Reward desired behaviours - Remove rewards (ignore) for undesired.  No punishments needed!  Thanks Moya.

TIMING THE ESSENCE OF A GREAT TRAINER  - Click here to read Moyas article on timing of reward.

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Blowies can be found near water - left to die on the shore by fisherman, or washed in dead.  They contain the deadly toxin known as tetrodoxin - capable of killing people and pets if eaten.  Depending on the amount of tetrodoxin consumed, motor incoordination may occur within 10-45 minutes, followed by paralysis and difficulty in breathing, leading to death. It is very important that if eaten, vomiting occurs as there is no known anitdote or treatment.  

Around water environments keep your dog on lead, or under close observation and contact your vet if you are concerned your dog may have eaten a Blowie.

A video worth watching - How to get your dog to heel on a loose leash.