Intermediate and advanced class

Sit at side.

Deb & Hunter; Marley (& Sandy) Ben & Dooga.

Sit for examination "pat".

At ease - Waiting instruction.

Kathryn & Max - Tyre jump.

Paige & Keltic.

May 2013. 

Maureen & Cocoa - Over spread jump.

Marjolein & Cheetah - Tyre jump.

Agility course

Tyre jump - Juliet & Marley

Vanessa lures Jasper over introduction dog walk.

Sandy & Marley, Vanessa & Jasper, Ben & Dooga - the Gauntlet

"Table" Chrissy waiting on the table.

Maureen & Cocoa - Table count down.

A Frame

Dianne luring Keeda through tyre jump

Krystie & Buddha, Sandra & Taz, Deb & Hunter walking the "gauntlet".

Jackson & Jessie, Marjolein & Cheetah' Moya & Ben - the Gauntlet.

Trainers: Moya (& Ben), Barb, Dawn and Tanya (& Honey) with club trailer - purchased with funds raised through club activities plus donation from City of Mandurah.

Perseverance Reserve, Falcon: Our training venue.  On the estuary, away from roads and vehicles.  Trees offer shade in summer.  Flat well maintained grassed areas, free from weeds and grass seeds.