Application form can be found here.  Any person training a dog through MDC must complete the application for membership form prior to commencement of any MDC activity - You can register as an annual, term or casual member accordingly.  Paper copies available at the training desk or if you would prefer to fill it out at home ready to hand in on joining print out as is and complete (Prior to printing please check your printer preferences are set to A4 and fit to page options).  Remember to bring along your dogs current and up to date vaccination record on application.

Membership to the club is preferred.  Fees and charges can be found in the domestic rules included in the Mandurah Dog Club Incorporated Constitution pages ($75 per financial year; $30 per school term  - 4 school terms to one financial year). 

For occasional visitors to Mandurah, or an initial trial at training sessions you may prefer to forgo membership fees and pay a casual training fee of $10 per dog per session attended.  The Mandurah Dog Club training and information booklet is available from the training desk at $15 each.